About The Recovery Book and My Life in Recovery
How to Use My Life in Recovery

Welcome to Recovery
Session 1. Addiction and Recovery Basics
Session 2. Your Recovery Plan and The Recovery Zone System

The Red Zone
Session 3. Moving into The Red Zone
Session 4. Recovery Activities in The Red Zone (1): Recovery Treatment
Session 5. Recovery Activities in The Red Zone (2): Mutual Support Fellowship, Spirituality
Session 6. Recovery Activities in The Red Zone (3): Living Sober and Preventing Relapse
Session 7. My Life in The Red Zone: Relationships, Recreation, Sober Socializing, Education, Work, Finances
Session 8. My Health in The Red Zone and Red Zone ReCap

The Yellow Zone
Session 9. Recovery Activities in The Yellow Zone
Session 10. My Life and My Health in The Yellow Zone

The Green Zone
Session 11. Recovery Activities and My Life in The Green Zone
Session 12. My Health in The Green Zone (Plus Family and Friends)

1. My Life in Recovery Plan—Progress Checklist
2. My Red Zone Plan
3. My Continuing Care Plan
4. My Twelve Step Work
5. My Amends List
6. My TAMERS Plan
7. My Red Zone ReCap
8. My Yellow Zone Plan
9. My Recovery Zone ReCheck
10. My Personal Inventory
11. My Yellow Zone ReCap
12. My Green Zone Plan

Sample One-Hour Session—Leader Script and Timelime
About The Authors