~ My Life in Recovery Programs & Workshops ~

For details and registration info, contact mylifeinrecovery2@gmail.com.


Introductory Programs

Open Video Meeting – An Introduction to the Recovery Zone System and the My Life in Recovery Continuing Care Workbook  (Free)

Al J. Mooney, M.D. and Catherine Dold regularly host one-hour evening introductions to the Recovery Zone System and the My Life in Recovery workbook. These meetings help addiction professionals as well as people in recovery become familiar with the materials and how they might help their own groups build a strong recovery. The program begins with a half-hour chat by Dr. Mooney, then opens up for questions. Registered attendees get a $2 discount code for the workbook.  Next meeting: TBA


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Book Study Groups

1. Book Study Group I – Informal     (Free)

We encourage local groups of people in recovery, as well as recovery coaches, counselors, sponsors, and others to host their own informal Book Study Groups using The Recovery Book and My Life in Recovery.

My Life in Recovery, in 12 sessions, guides readers through The Recovery Book with reading assignments, homework questions, discussion topics, journaling prompts, and personal exercises. In the process, participants learn about addiction and recovery and develop their own personalized, detailed My Life in Recovery Plans for moving through the Recovery Zones and thriving in sobriety for a lifetime.


2. Book Study Group II – Registered    (Free)

Registered Book Study Groups receive:

  • A set of pre-written homework/class reminder emails to send to your group each week
  • A discount code for $2 off the My Life in Recovery workbook
  • Access to the private My Life in Recovery Facebook group, where you can chat with Dr. Mooney and other people in recovery


3.  Book Study Group III – Enhanced    ($)

Enhanced Book Study Groups receive:

  • All of the benefits of Registered Book Study groups
  • Plus, two live, one-hour video meetings with Dr. Mooney for your group members. These meetings are typically held after Session 3 and Session 8, after participants have spent some time with the material and have questions they’d like to ask of Dr. Mooney. (Additional video meetings can be arranged on a fee-per-visit basis.)


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1. My Life in Recovery Workshop I – 12 Sessions, Video     ($)

Al J. Mooney, M.D. and Catherine Dold lead video workshops following the 12 sessions of the My Life in Recovery continuing care workbook. These groups are limited in size and can be tailored for specific audiences, such as teenagers, airline pilots, medical professionals, drug court participants, and others.


2. My Life in Recovery Workshop II – Customized     ($)

The basic My Life in Recovery Workshop can be customized to meet the needs of your group. We can customize the format (a shorter series of video meetings, on-site weekend workshops, etc.) as well as the content (focusing on teenagers, women, airline pilots, medical professionals, and other groups).


3. My Life in Recovery Workshop III – Group Guide Training     ($)

This workshop introduces counselors and others to the Recovery Zone System and the My Life in Recovery continuing care workbook and trains them in how to use it with their own groups of people in recovery. The workshop can be conducted via live video or in person, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.


Please note:  All My Life in Recovery resource materials (handouts, images, blog posts, wristbands, etc.) found on our websites and social media outlets are copyrighted and must be used as is. No alterations or edits are permitted. Book study group leaders, counselors, coaches, and sponsors may make photocopies of non-book materials for distribution to their attendees.

Unless otherwise specified, these materials may not be posted on websites or distributed to large groups either in print or electronic form.