Join renowned recovery expert Al J. Mooney, M.D., for a free online
My Life in Recovery Workshop 

Spring 2017 Workshop Series starts March 20 – enrollment is limited – 12 sessions 

  • Are you ready to rebuild your life, now that you are sober?
  • Do you want to learn how to avoid relapse?
  • Are you ready to build a life that is better than you ever imagined?
  • Do you want to help others (sponsees, clients, peers) rebuild their lives?

Join this educational and empowering workshop series and let Dr. Mooney help you build your own personalized My Life in Recovery Plan, based on The Recovery Book and the Recovery Zone System.

What’s in the Workshop

Most people who get into recovery soon realize that “living in recovery” is about so much more than just getting sober. They discover they also need to learn how to stay sober, plus try to fix damaged relationships, restore health, and pick up the pieces of a career or education.

It can all be overwhelming when you’re newly sober and just trying to get through one day at a time.

In the My Life in Recovery educational workshop, Al J. Mooney, M.D., author of The Recovery Bookwill guide you in building your own personalized My Life in Recovery Plan for staying sober, avoiding relapse, and thriving in recovery – for a lifetime.


Over 12 sessions, you will:

  • Learn about addiction and what it means to “live in recovery”
  • Make a plan for putting all the pieces of your life back together – slowly, but surely – without risking your sobriety
  • Understand how to use the Recovery Zone System – detailed guidance on which activities you can safely take on in early sobriety and which should be put off until later – to build your plan
  • Develop a strong relapse prevention plan
  • Learn techniques that encourage brain healing

The workshop will follow the 12 sessions of My Life in Recovery, the workbook companion to The Recovery Book. Participants are expected to complete weekly reading assignments in The Recovery Book, answer homework questions, work on personal exercises, and participate in group discussions.

Each live, online session will focus on group discussions of the week’s assignment, led by Dr. Mooney and co-author Catherine Dold. Sessions are held on Zoom, a group video platform, Mondays at 8 pm, March 20 – June 19. (Details below.)

Want to check out the course material before signing up? Get a free sample of the My Life in Recovery workbook.

Seats are limited! Register now.

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Please note: My Life in Recovery is an educational workshop focused on solidifying your recovery and rebuilding your life. It is not addiction treatment or therapy. The workshop will be held in an online video meeting room, where participants will be able to see and talk with each other. We will not share your registration details or other information with anyone, and we ask that all participants respect the anonymity of other workshop members. However, we cannot guarantee the actions of others, so please be careful in what information you share online. We reserve the right to remove anyone who shares inappropriate or offensive material or harasses other members.

Workshop Details

WHO:  The My Life in Recovery Workshop is for people in recovery (new and veteran) as well as recovery counselors and coaches, peer counselors, sponsors, medical professionals, and family members. (We especially welcome counselors and others who would like to use the My Life in Recovery workbook with their own clients and groups.)

WHEN:  Mondays at 8 pm (eastern time zone). March 20 – June 19 (see full schedule below). The first session will be an informal orientation to the workshop and the online video platform and a chance to meet fellow workshop members. You’ll also receive your first homework assignment.

WHERE:  Classes are held online through the Zoom platform. Details will be sent upon registration.

COST:  The workshop is free.

REQUIRED MATERIALS:  My Life in Recovery and The Recovery Book (order details here and in the registration form).

OPTIONAL MATERIALS:  Recovery Zone System wristband set (order details here and in the registration form).

Not quite sure this workshop is right for you? Learn more about it.

Questions? Drop us a line at or call Catherine Dold at 303-543-2390.

Workshop size is limited! Register now to reserve your spot in this FREE one-of-a-kind event with renowned addiction and recovery expert Al J. Mooney, MD.


Workshop Schedule

March 20    Orientation     (All sessions at 8 pm, eastern time zone)

– Welcome to Recovery – Sessions 1-2

March 27    Session 1    Addiction and Recovery Basics

April 3     Session 2    Your Recovery Plan and The Recovery Zone System

– The Red Zone – Sessions 3-8

April 10    Session 3    Moving into The Red Zone

April 17    Session 4    Recovery Activities in the Red Zone (1): Recovery Treatment

April 24    Session 5    Recovery Activities in the Red Zone (2): Mutual Support Fellowship, Spirituality

May 1    Session 6    Recovery Activities in the Red Zone (3): Living Sober and Preventing Relapse

May 8    Session 7    My Life in The Red Zone: Relationships, Recreation, Sober Socializing, Education, Work, Finances

May 15    Session    8 My Health in The Red Zone and Red Zone ReCap

– The Yellow Zone – Sessions 9-10

May 22    Session 9    Recovery Activities in The Yellow Zone

June 5    Session 10    My Life and My Health in The Yellow Zone

– The Green Zone – Sessions 11-12

June 12    Session 11    Recovery Activities and My Life in The Green Zone

June 19    Session 12    My Health in The Green Zone (Plus Family and Friends)

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